Critical Muslim Studies

This website is a platform for bringing together and putting forward the different elements of Critical Muslim Studies as a field of thought and study. Critical Muslim Studies is not confined to a single discipline, or scholarly work, or methodological approach. It is an epistemological orientation that starts from the idea that the hierarchy between the west and the non-west is no longer assured. Among its themes, it includes a critique of Eurocentrism and positivism and an engagement with decolonial and postcolonial thinking.


The ReOrient journal is the flagship journal of Critical Muslim Studies. We have launched a ReOrient blog and a series of podcasts under the banner Network ReOrient in an effort to mobilize the insights of the field to and for a broader audience, as a public engagement with knowledge production and mobilization.


The Journal of Critical Muslim Studies

ReOrient is a new peer reviewed, international and interdisciplinary journal of Critical Muslim Studies. It is published by Pluto Journals. The journal is a sustained collective thought experiment that seeks to explore the consequences of producing knowledge that is no longer organized around the axis of West and non-West.


ReOrient is dedicated to rethinking those entities and events considered to lie outside the conceptuality of Western hegemony, culturally, geopolitically and philosophically. The journal encourages a decolonial and non-orientalist approach to the analysis of the historical and contemporary political, socio-economic, and cultural processes constitutive of the Islamicate in its widest-ranging permutations. It welcomes original submissions from the humanities and social sciences that engage with the development of critical Muslim studies and related topics. Contents will typically include contributions from the fields and related subfields of History, Critical Theory, Women and Gender Studies, Political Science, Cultural Studies, International Relations, Sociology, Art and Literature, Anthropology and Islamic Studies.

ReOrient Journal