Burqa Bans

Why are people so obsessed with the way women dress? It’s a subject that fills glossy magazine pages and pops up in newspaper articles. When a woman is raped commentators remark that she shouldn’t have worn a skirt that short, when a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf has bags of flour thrown at her on the high street, it is her fault for provoking people. After all, with all these terror attacks, how dare you identify as Muslim. I mean she could be hiding anything under that scarf.

Empire and War

The Water Diviner is a sentimental film about war, loss, family and country. It addresses Australia’s elevation of military loss at the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915 (known as Çanakkale Savaşı in Turkey) into a ‘sacred’ national myth about sacrifice and heroism.

Snowden and Citizenfour

Snowden always said that he didn’t want what he was saying to be about him. In revealing the information on the existence of mass surveillance programs conducted by the US, he said he wanted to ignite a public debate about what the American government was doing in the name of democracy and the security of the American people.