Omar Khadr: A Muslim Between Canada and the West

Omar Khadr has had a lot written about him in the past decade, but particularly so in the weeks since he received a $10.5 million settlement from the Canadian government, as well as an apology. This settlement came out of a lawsuit that Khadr had launched against the Canadian government, based on a Supreme Court ruling that Khadr’s Charter rights as a citizen had been violated.

Decoloniality and the Islamicate

Recalling the Caliphate was published in English towards the end of 2014. A few months before its publication, a caliphate had been proclaimed in the borderlands of what had been two Baathist states for almost forty years. At the time of writing, the territory of this self-styled caliphate has shrunk, its leadership has relocated, the rule of the Baathist-takfiri warlords seems to be receding in Iraq and Syria.