Tunisian Imam’s call for Hajj Boycott

While this year’s Hajj is now finished, something fascinating happened in the months leading up to the festival: the General Secretary of the Union of Tunisian Imams, Fadhel Ashour, called on the Grand Mufti of the country to discourage people from performing the Hajj this year as the costs of the Hajj are too high and Saudi Arabia is using this money to wage war in other Muslim countries: “The money that goes to Saudi authorities is not used to help poor Muslims around the world.

White feminisms, non-white feminisms: Assessing the Tariq Ramadan affair 1

In France, since the beginning of the 2000s, we have witnessed the emergence of new feminist dynamics that aim to question hegemonic feminism, which as you know is white; ‘white’ in the sense that, for the most part, it defends the interests of white women. Following the hijab affair, we have seen the emergence of an Islamicate feminism that has challenged the idea of the supposed incompatibility of Islam and feminism.

The hijab and the public: How Turkey Islamized and “became polarized”

Discussions of the polarization and Islamization of Turkey under the AK Party rule – especially under Erdoğan – are quite popular in recent years: how Turkey has never been this deeply polarized, how it was fuelled by Erdoğan’s “divisive speeches” and agenda, and how this Islamization and polarization have now become so dangerous that we need to change the government or at least get rid of Erdoğan…